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Harlon Group - Performance and Compensation Management

The HARLON GROUP provides companies clear focus on achieving improved productivity through people - Using Common Sense While Thinking and Talking Straight

Our primary goal is helping companies improve performance and compensation management - critical elements of talent management.

It is our belief that managing individual and team performance using metrics that track to the business strategy is not the gold standard - it is the norm in smart companies.

The HARLON GROUP was formed to complement the human resource management of smart companies.

Performance management depends on two critical elements - performance metrics used to measure performance and feedback functions to define performance and development.

The Harlon Group is dedicated to the thinking of enlightened investors that performance must be linked to compensation.  This thinking trumps organizational makeup - whether not-for-profit, family owned, private or publicly held ---

Connecting talent with client needs is core to the practice of the Harlon Group - whether applying the subject matter expertise of our firm or matching high talent resources with client organizations - our focus is on bringing the most qualified expert to bear on the right business solution to our client's needs ---

Our philosophy, methodologies and applications allow us to integrate our diverse expertise with cutting edge applications to improve productivity.

We are a firm with a high work ethic with Midwest roots that reflect a commitment to helping you succeed as a company!

Bill Heck
Managing Principal

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