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The HARLON GROUP provides companies clear focus to achieve improved productivity through people.

People gather, assimilate and use data in varying ways in completing work processes.

Fully understanding best work practices helps improve the way people use data to improve performance, thus productivity.

Accelerating improved performance requires strengthening the link between best work practices, the individual's ability to gather, assimilate and use data and the business strategies and goals of the enterprise.

The first key to successfully linking these pieces is to fully understand the correct set of metrics (measures) that drives excellent performance versus average performance.

The second key is to provide the correct amount of compensation at optimum points in the work process to both motivate and reward for excellent, versus average, performance.

The HARLON GROUP is dedicated in supporting our clients ability to:
  1. Understand work processes in jobs that result in improved performance
  2. Group jobs with similar work processes that insure internal and external equity
  3. Align jobs with correct market benchmarks using point factor and other statistically significant classification systems
  4. Create viable and flexible job classification and pay structures
  5. Create performance feedback and measurement plans that clearly align business goals with improved productivity
  6. Implement compensation plans that motivate and reward in currencies that are tax efficient for individuals and corporations.

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