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Our Approach in Challenging Times -

The HARLON GROUP approaches our client's most challenging organization and people issues in a non-invasive way.

We are experts in performance and compensation planning for board of directors, senior executive management, mid-management, sales staffs and broad-based employee groups.

First, using our knowledge of business and companies of all sizes, public and private, we take the time to understand our client's motivation, needs, organization of business, business strategy and current measures used to track results.

Second, using our knowledge of jobs and work processes, we take the time to understand the major work processes for each job, how jobs interact and the resulting value of each job, one to another and to externally benchmarked jobs in similar organizations.

Third, we analyze the competitiveness of current compensation including all components.

Fourth, we create a comparison matrix showing our client's current measurement of performance and what will be required to revamp performance management to motivate and reward excellent versus average performance.

Fifth, we work closely with our clients to customize performance management to create high performing teams that work directly on improving performance, productivity and profits.

Sixth, we implement improved compensation plans that motivate and reward using currencies that create tax efficiencies and are accountable to our client's financial and non-financial performance.
  • Each approach to client engagements is unique.
  • Each set of deliverables for each project is unique to each client.
  • Greater customization is balanced by applying our talents at key touch points for the value and cost of our services.  

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