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Performance and Compensation - The Two Critical Functions of Human Capital Management

It is becoming clearer that high performing companies with high performing teams win more contracts, establish high customer expectations and inordinately increase share holder value.

Even more clear is that with rapidly increasing outsourcing of transactional (such as customer care) and horizontal processes (such as HR and Finance) and the increasing pace of technological change (just to mention two dynamics) the need to quickly build high performance teams is paramount.

Not having efficient feedback systems to affect quick adjustments and reward excellence is an unnecessary barrier.

Using outdated performance metrics to track and shape high performance is equally unnecessary. More about performance...

Boards of directors and executive management teams of smart companies are increasingly taking action to remove these unnecessary barriers.

The HARLON GROUP is committed to working with companies to accelerate removal of these barriers by installing meaningful performance and compensation management.

Contact us at info@harlongroup.com to start a dialogue to advance your company's ability to execute with excellence!

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